Repeater, moon.Scroller and moon.Popup issue

I am trying to use an enyo Repeater with a moon.Scroller that displays a moon.Popup with a button when a repeater item is selected. It works fine if the repeater is never scrolled but once it is scrolled I can no longer press the button. It appears that the click area of the button has been pushed somewhere off screen.

Here is a fiddle:

I am testing with enyo 2.3 and 2.4. It works fine with an enyo.Scroller.

Any clues?


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    Very interesting, if you take a look at your fiddle after you scroll the enyo.Repeater, you'll notice that after the moon.Popup is displayed you are still able to spot items in the enyo.Repeater even though the popup is modal; this seems to imply the Spotlight focus events are still going to the items in the enyo.Repeater. This doesn't happen before you scroll. Thanks for the very clear repro case, will investigate!
  • Hi @FoulWeather‌, just wanted to give you an update: it looks like the translation matrix for the scroller results in a 1px shift in the z-axis, causing the popup to not be tappable. This would explain why scrolling causes this issue. We're looking into why the 1px shift was put in place originally, otherwise we should be able to change this to 0 for the z-axis.
  • Thanks for the update. I've worked around it in ugly fashion for the time being but it will be nice to have it working properly.
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