Ares dead?

No updates in a while. Any news or has it gone bye-bye?


  • It's safe to say that Ares is on hold.

    The Ares 2 work was being driven by our HP collaborators, who (as I understand it) have been refocused on another project after some organizational changes at HP.

    In parallel, we (on the LG team) had been laying the foundations for Ares 3 (with a new design, and updated to support and take advantage of Enyo's new data layer). We had to pause that work as well, due to resource limitations and competing priorities.

    All of that being said, there's still significant demand from internal customers at LG for an IDE, and we're in the process of updating our long-term plans as we speak, so there's a chance that Ares will rise again in some form or another.
  • Well that a bummer
  • Ares 1 - 2 - 3 ...
    HP? HP? LG? ... anyone ?
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