Always Showing Scrollbar

I am working on an application where the client want the users to always see the scroll bar but also have the ability to do 2 finger scroll on a mac. This application is going to be used on the mobile devices as well as laptops/desktops. Here is the code. Surprisingly, on a windows machine (in chrome) the users see the scroll bar always. So is there a universal way of showing the scroll bar always independent of the device, browser and OS? Here is the code

{ name: "deviceOptions", fit: true, kind: "Scroller", vertical: "scroll", touchOverscroll: false, components: [{ name: "optionsRepeater", count: 0, kind: "enyo.Repeater", onSetupItem: "setupOptionItems", components: [{ kind: "deviceViewComponent", id:"", deviceViewType: "", viewSelectionStatus: false }] }] }
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