Mozilla Flame for Apps program

Hey Folks,

Firefox OS is the only smartphone/tablet OS on the market that treats web apps as first class citizen. Its already launched in 22 countries with 5 hardware makers and 5 global telcos. Mozilla has a new reference phone called the Flame who is pretty sweet and it has a very good "Phone For Apps" program where you may get a free phone to port your app.

Firefox OS is very barebones when compared to webOS but it still a great system and its rising on emergent markets so why not port your awesome Enyo apps to it? Its a market without leaders so you can shine on it.

I've created a website to list the current books about development for the system at and my own quick guide for development is free and open source available at

Enyo 2.x works great on the phone and the platform is ripe for good third-party developers.



  • How strict is the requirement to port within a month? :) I have one or two in mind.
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    I think its semi flexible. They did a phone for ports a few months back, and it took me about 5 weeks to get it up and running, and i didn't hear of any complaints.

    I have about got my app for a flame done, and should be uploading it this next week, which would put me at about 4 weeks since i got my flame.

    You will get an email from a firefoxOS person, who can help you port your app and answer any questions you may have.

    And I agree, Enyo runs very well on firefoxOS.

    Oh, and also, the Flame is a pretty sweet phone as well ;)
  • I don't think it is a hard requirement to port it under one month. You can probably explain why you need more time.

    I have almost all the Firefox OS devices in here with me including the flatfish tablet. I am more happy to help you guys test any app you want.

    More enyo apps in the platform would be great. :D
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