Changelog status

I noticed 3 days ago there was a version string added on github repo for version 2.5. I'd like to upgrade my app to the new version, as it contains at least one bugfix I'm currently patching myself, but I noticed the changelog is still stuck on version 2.4.0-pre.3 and there's no release documented on the site (yet).

Is this commit a stable release? And if so, does it have any breaking changes compared to 2.5? Or should I best wait for a future announcement of a stable 2.5.0 with updated changelog?


  • This is indeed a pre-release version so it might be best to wait for the official stable release for your purposes. We have tried to minimize any breaking changes and are currently working on documenting these changes, in addition to providing migration notes, which will be included with at least the stable version. I'll try to share these here as soon as they've been compiled so that you can evaluate whether or not the changes will affect you. Thanks!
  • Awesome, thanx!
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