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Any roadmap on what's planned for the future of Enyo? I know 2.5 is in the works with changes to model/collections but what are the goals / long term plan beyond that? The blog has been quiet for a long time too, as has the developer Google Groups.


  • Hi Psarin. This is a great question and a reminder we need to pop our heads up from our work to communicate more. I'll put together a blog post soon on our plans for 2.5 and beyond. When I get that all together I'll post a link here.
  • GREAT ! This is very much appreciated !!
  • Hi @psarin, this isn't specifically about the roadmap (which @RoySutton‌ will address in a following blog post), but Blake has just authored a great post on creating performant spinners, a very real problem we had to deal with while developing Moonstone. Check it out at
  • Any updates, either on roadmap or on when 2.5 will be released?
  • Any updates, either on roadmap or on when 2.5 will be released?
  • Whoopsie. Yes, I am working on getting something out. Can someone tell me where I put my spare time?
  • I think you sold it to devil, @RoySutton‌

    And about that "hey, we're still here" blog post... I would love to be able to have a web-components like instantiation method for kinds.

    Don't get me wrong, for apps current enyo excels, and it's the way to go, but it would be great to have something more Polymer'ish or Angular'ish for traditional web development:
    No specific reasoning behind it, it just would merge better with traditional web development.
  • I think any type of roadmap or communication to community would be useful. Looks like they are no longer interested in promoting enyo or gaining developers - just using it for their internal products.
  • Rafa, thanks for the feedback. That's certainly something we're looking at. Psarin, I have a much longer blog post prepared for the 2.5.1 release. It's true we've been very inwardly focused lately. We'll try to get out of our shells more now that Moonstone is in good shape. If anyone will be at HTML5DevConf you can hear me talk about our experiences in getting JavaScript apps onto TVs.
  • Hi @psarin‌, apologies for the lack of updates - as @RoySutton mentioned, we are currently being stretched in multiple directions and that has made it tough to give the community the requisite attention it needs and deserves - truly sorry about that . But on that note, some final browser testing is underway for 2.5.1, to ensure that we have something rock-solid and we don't miss any browser-specific issues. Once we iron out the issues we have discovered, we should be ready to publicly release 2.5.1, so that should be within the next several weeks. Let me know if you have any additional concerns or questions - via the forums or sending me a private message.
  • What I'm really missing is an updated changelog. It's been 8 months since it's last been updated according to github, which is a terrible thing considering all the changes introduced since v2.4.

    There are a great many improvements as well as breaking changes. It would be great to be able to take advantage of the improvements but without a good overview of what's going to break it's just not practical to upgrade.
  • @ruben_vreeken‌ totally agree - we'll work on getting these updated, and will definitely have a full overview of the changes when we official release 2.5.1. Thanks!
  • Personally, I would really prefer if you guys could adopt updating the change log for each new version tag, not just the major releases.

    I understand it might be tempting not to do so when things are still in flux in the run-up towards a new official release, but it's normal for things to break in intermediate versions and I think the community will understand that.

    I think the ease with which we could keep up with changes would greatly outweigh the fact that things might break repeatedly before an official release is finalized, especially when official releases can be many months apart.

    Having said that, I'm looking forward to the new 2.5.1 hotness :D
  • Could anyone provide a quick overview of this amazing 2.5.1 update?
  • Or even just the latest guess at when it will be out?
  • Soon! Very, very soon.
  • Thanks much for the latest!
  • We have a project waiting for this beauty.
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