Datalist + scrollerOptions

Came across an issue with how the datalist handles the scrollerOptions

In datalist.js, this is the function that loads the scroller:
		Overloaded from base kind to ensure that the container options correctly apply
		the scroller options before instantiating it.
	initContainer: enyo.inherit(function (sup) {
		return function () {
			var o = enyo.clone(this.get("containerOptions")),
				s = this.get("scrollerOptions");
			if (s) { enyo.mixin(o, s, {exists: true}); }
			this.set("containerOptions", o);
			sup.apply(this, arguments);
Now, if i try to do:
{kind: "enyo.DataList", fit: true, scrollerOptions: {touch: true, touchOverscroll: false}, components: [
			{kind: "onyx.Item"}
It will ignore the touchOverscroll property due the the {exists: true} flag on the mixin.
From lang.js:
/*... and if _exists_ is true, it will only use truthy values from any of
		the sources. ...*/
So you can't set any value to false.

Is this intended, or is this a bug?


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