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A while back, there was a matrix that indicated Enyo is supported on IE8+. I'm finding that my app isn't working on IE8. Is it still a supported Tier 1 platform? Are there any special "gotchas" I should be looking out for (besides the CSS issue)?


  • Hi Cage, which version of Enyo are you using with IE8? Is it the latest from master or 2.4, or something else? Thanks!
  • Interesting, do you have more specifics on what types of issues you're encountering? Is nothing loading at all? Our 2.4 test pass on IE8 revealed a few issues that we ended up resolving, related to loading.
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    Hmm, as an example, I'm trying to run: http://enyojs.com/sampler/2.4.0/ on IE8 (8.0.6001.18702) and absolutely nothing shows up on screen. If I do debugging tools, no errors show up in console.

    Actually, none of the samples at http://enyojs.com/showcase/ seem to be working on my version of IE8.
  • Thanks for the info Cage, we'll investigate this. Our preliminary tests with IE8 didn't reveal anything so it might be something specific to that particular version.
  • FYI, apparently, most of the computers we use here use version 8.0.7601.17514.

    I was able to get the sampler from 2.4 working on it. However, the latest version of it does not work on this version of IE8.

    Also, is there a list of notes for things to watch out for? For example, with IE8 I encountered four main issues: console.log doesn't exist, setTimeout's need to be done using an anonymous function, CSS files need to be in correct syntax, and HTTP accessing HTTPS CORS is not possible (I had to create a proxy). Certainly, these are not Enyo specific issues but would be quite handy for developers to know about!

  • Hi Cage,

    We haven't forgotten about this issue, just been a bit busy working on 2.5. We'll make sure to include notes on potentially breaking changes for our next release (we're documenting as we go) so that you won't be caught off guard.
  • psarin, Enyo has a lot of functions for making failsafe calls that won't break in IE8. For example, instead of using console.log for your debugging, use enyo.log. If you check the API viewer, you can see a list of all the functions in the enyo object.

    Also, rather than using setTimeout, you should be using Enyo's Jobs for asynchronous calls.

    -God Ginrai
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