enyo.FlyweightRepeater not working in 2.4?

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I have this working widget http://jsfiddle.net/znibble/V5Ms7/24/ which utilizes the FlyweightRepeater. the repeater works with enyo 2.2-2.3.0-pre.10, but does not work in 2.4-nightly. If you change the the library in the jsfiddle to point to 2.2.0 it works, it shows the repeater ticks. Once you change to 2.4(nightly) it does not show the repeater ticks. I need to use the version of enyo that has enyo.Audio, which of course is.. 2.3.0-pre.10 or 2.4 which is merged, can anyone tell me what's going on?



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    Working on a fix right now. :) This was part of our work in integrating some of our newest changes for the data layer and the next version of Enyo, and we spent most of today resolving side effects (one of which was FlyweightRepeater). Sorry for the inconvenience!
  • Hi @Patrick‌, we've made some fixes on Enyo master which should be reflected in the next nightly. Let me know if you are still experiencing issues, thanks!
  • Thanks, aarontam.
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