Events and broadcasting / listening in other "kinds"

I might be having trouble with events. I setup the moonstone tutorial application and tried to move the results list to a new panel instead of displaying inside the searchPanel. I thought I would be able to have a listener in the new panel:

handlers: { onInputHeaderChange: "search" },

I also thought that when the search bar changed, I could call the search method defined in the new panel (or call the search method in the current object and push the $.resultList to another panel.

// on change, set the input text to the search collection's searchText property search: function(inSender, inEvent) { /* * setting searchText kicks off a fetch of the flickr.SearchCollection via the flickr.Store, * using the parameters passed from the collection */ this.$.resultList.collection.set("searchText", inEvent.originator.get("value")); },

I am thinking in terms of Angular where I can broadcast to different controllers.

Is this enough of an explanation to give me a better idea of events?


  • The wiki doc on Event handling might help a bit. In short, if you need to communicate state between two components that do not have a direct relationship (e.g. one is owned by the other), events can pass the state up the hierarchy and properties/methods can pass it down.

    If you need to communicate between components that don't have a "nearby" common ancestor, you can use enyo.Signals to publish the event which will be received by all subscribers of the event. Use sparingly, in my opinion.
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