Scroller with visible overflow

I've been busing a DataList with a scroller to create a carousel, which seems to be working really well, except for one little detail.

By default, the datalist's node, touch-strategy-container, touch-scroller and the 'active' wrapper around the pages and buffer all have their css set to overflow: hidden;. So if one of my components scrolls outside the scroller, there's a sharp cut-off.

I understand that for most normal use-cases of a scroller, this is exactly the desired behaviour, but in my case it is not. So I override the css to set overflow: visible; and noticed a peculiar behaviour.
While I am able to drag the scroller to scroll through the carousel items, as soon as I let go and the scrolling momentum reaches 0, the scroller snaps back into it's original starting position rather than staying at the position I just scrolled to.

I was wondering if there is any known work-around for this behaviour, or if anyone here has some idea of where I should be looking to fix this?
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