Anyone still watching the Enyo Development mailing list?

I recently posted some topics to the Enyo Development mailing list and the only one who bothered to ask was Ben, who's not even on the team anymore. I have some in-depth questions that I think are better discussed in the mailing list than in this forum. I was expecting the mailing list to be a better way to reach some of the core team members but it seems the opposite is the case. What's going on? Is the mailing list still being used?


  • Martin - I have seen your emails in the mailing list. So that technically works. But I assume many have other priorities/focus in these days.
    I'm also missing Ben a lot (here and in Jira). It is a big loss for LG - as before it was for HP. :(
    Good to see that there is quite some interest in Enyo & webos in Germany. :)
    Regards, Martin from Germany
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