Enyo Startup time


I'm using enyo 2.4 with onyx bootplate and the main content of my app is an enyo.Panels component which has almost 10+ pages. Each page is either a scroller or a fittable layout. Now the problem is it takes almost 10 - 20 seconds for the android app to boot up. Is there anyway to improve its boot time. And does creating so many components at boot time affect performance of the app because when I use CardSlideInArranger sometimes there are jerks in transitions.


  • We have an update to panels we made in Moonstone that will make its way to enyo.Panels soon to better support dynamic push/pop of panels, which would help with boot time (for reference, you can check out the Moonstone/Panels/Dynamic Panels Push/Pop sample in the Sampler).

    Regarding the jerky transition, what kind of work is your app doing immediately before or after a panel transition i.e. are you retrieving data and manipulating DOM when the user initiates an action that causes a transition?
  • You could try JayCanuck's Lazy control (https://github.com/JayCanuck/enyo-2-components/tree/master/lazy), but I had sizing problems when I used in and enyo.Panels.
  • Yeah...Right before the panels starts a transition an ajax request is sent and data is fetched and the panel data is changed to update the view but this is only on some pages.
    Anyway I switched from enyo.Panels to enyo.SmoothPanels since it uses CSS3 transitions
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