Creating an End Point

Is it possible to create an End Point that receives published outside data? I have a data list of items that have active/inactive states. I want that list to get dynamically updated from the publishing site when states change. Any examples/tips? Where to start?


  • One option would be to use websockets between your application and your web server. You get your application to keep a socket connection open to your server and is listening for events. Server should send events whenever a change is state is noted. Of course you need to check for targeted platforms support and in case the server is your own and you can adapt the whole thing to that or supports this functionality.

    Long Polling or simple Polling is a traditional method to get nearly real time resource updates when all the above fail. You send http requests from your client app to the server periodically checking for new updates. The difference between Long or simple Polling is that the first sends http requests less frequently but if there is no update available at the time the request sent it tries to keep the connection open with the server until one will occur and will be returned.

    Another option is Server-Sent Events, which compatibility issues may arise between targeted platforms. See (

    Some sources :

    Some Libraries:
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