Porting an Enyo 2.2.0 web-app to Enyo 2.4.0?

Hi all,
I'm working on a web-app that targets tablets and desktop browsers. (It's basically a UI for a document mgmt system.)
The starting point for this app was made using Enyo 2.2.0
I'm running into bugs that seem to be fixed in Enyo 2.4.0
Due to the difference in structure between bootplate 2.2.0 and bootplate 2.4.0, I can't seem to get the app converted to an Enyo 2.4.0 app.

Does any have any pointers, knows a guide,...?


  • Getting there slowly now, but it seems the datepicker is broken due ilib library issue? (A lot of topics around this issue, but no solution so far it seems)
  • jdrjdr
    edited April 2014
    for the people with a datepicker issue: I just placed the datepicker from the old Enyo in it and it seems to work.

    I also managed to finally port the app, but I'm still getting a bug in firefox where firefox isn't adding json as accept type in the request header. (which results in webservices giving back xml instead of json; even if it does give back json in other browsers.)

    Here's the quick-and-dirty way to port old apps into the new Enyo structure using the 2.4.0 bootplate:

    Place the source folder as a sub-folder into the source-folder of the new app.
    Alter package.js to include source/source
    Remove the library references from the old package.js file (to prevent doubles)
    In source/views/views.js remove all components and replace it your main kind from the old app. (maybe rename it if it was name "App")
    Add in a main.css in the source/style folder
    Copy the old assets to the new assets folder
    Make the desired changes to your html pages (comment out

    Replace lib\onyx\source\DatePicker.js by the old version (bug due ilib)

    I think I got all steps, if anyone also needs to port an old app, feel free to ask questions.
  • FWIW, my app started with bootplate 2.0. I attempted to use git pull to update to 2.4, but there were a number of issues with the project structure and build scripts. My current attempt to update to 2.4 copies enyo, lib/layout and lib/onyx from bootplate 2.4 to my project, removes g11n, adds enyo-ilib (git submodule add https://github.com/enyojs/enyo-ilib.git lib/enyo-ilib and git submodule init lib/enyo-ilib), moves assets/resources/de.json to resources/de/strings.json, and adds a deploy.json.

    Is there anything else I need to do? In particular, can I use the bootplate 2.2 tools scripts with enyo 2.4, or do I need to change something?
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