Passing parameters to lessc.js and minify.js

When deploying an enyo application, is there any way to pass additional options to lessc.js and minify.js?
For instance, I'd like to have comments stripped from my css, maybe some minification etc..

Alternatively, it'd be nice if I could add additional steps to the build process such as using yui-compressor to compress the generated css files. Either one is fine with me really..

Any suggestions on how to approach this?


  • I don't know about passing additional options to lessc.js/minify.js, but in the past I've used a Makefile to handle the building of my app so the Enyo build scripts were used to build the app while the Makefile handled other aspects (like copying an appinfo.json file for webOS, or a config.xml file for PhoneGap and then creating a ZIP of the files so I could upload it to PhoneGap Build, etc.)

    Alternatively, you could create your own deploy script (either a .sh for Mac/Linux or a .bat for Windows) that would first run the Enyo deploy script and then run additional commands (like using yui-compressor).

    They both achieve the same end result and just go about doing so a little differently.
  • Allright, additional build scripts it is :)
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