Using returned data from collections

So I haven't been able to understand how to do anything with the data i'm returning from an 'enyo.collection' fetch(). I can get the data, I can log the data, I can push the data into an array, or do a fetch for a model and add that to a collection, I'm able to use the data later on a button click for instance, but my confusion lies in the 'success' method of the collection's fetch call. In the success is where I, ideally was looking to dynamically create components based off of the data i'm successfully returning, not just getting the data, and have more user interaction to show the data, however I'm unable to get a reference to anything in order to run .createComponent() off of it, nor do I seem to have the ability to run any sort of function to pass that data to.

Admittedly I am still learning and will continue to research, but I've essentially hit a roadblock in my development and am having a hard time moving forward. I do have some other ideas i'd love some feedback on....

I feel like binding would be a perfect solution to this problem, however I am also unclear as to how I would be binding the data in a enyo.collection to, say, the content of view...

any guidance would be appreciated, and as a sidenote, I haven't posted code as i've has so many different versions of it, it's not in a clean enough state to help.... perhaps the next attempt I can post.

thanks to anyone who can offer any help


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