Play a list of videos(playlist) with enyo.Video

Anyone know how to play a playlist using the enyo video kind? or how to play a playlist in general using enyo.
        name: "app.Videoplayer",
        kind : "Video",
        classes: "video-player",
        poster : null,
        src : null

Do I just pass a list as a published property and watch for a video complete event then just queue up the next video based on the current index or is there an easier way?


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    Check out moon.VideoPlayer in the moonstone library. It's just a more featured wrapper around the tag that handles setting multiple sources, provides controls, and other things. You can listen for all of the tag's events and then play the next video as one ends.

    Alternatively, I am cleaning up a video player application sample that shows how to deal with multiple videos as collections that you set on the VideoPlayer and it just plays them one after the other.
  • @sugardave‌ I can't seem to get the playback controls to showup , the controls show up when I use the enyo.Video kind but not for moon.VideoPlayer :
        name: "ameba.Videoplayer",
        kind : "moon.VideoPlayer",
        classes: "video-player",
        poster : null,
        src : null,
        autoShowControls : true, 
        fitToWindow : true, 
        autoplay :true,
        showPlayPauseControl: true,
        disablePlaybackControls: false,
        showJumpControls: true,
        disableSlider: false,
        showProgressBar: true,
        inline: false,
        autoShowOverlay: true
  • For moon.VideoPlayer, you get the controls to show/hide with a down arrow keypress, and any info banner you get to show/hide with an up arrow keypress.
  • @sugardave‌ is there a fullscreen toggle ?
  • Check out the Inline Video Player sample (Sampler -> Moonstone UI / Media), which demonstrates the fullscreen toggle and is utilized when you set inline: true in the declaration of your player.
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