DataGridList on desktop with a scrollbar

Hey, i am using a datagridlist, and when a scrollbar appears, it cuts off the items right side.

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What needs to change for this to be fixed?


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    What environment is this on and/or can you share some of your setup code for your DataGridList? It should be calculating the proper width and height for each of your items, using the minWidth, minHeight, and spacing properties; are you adding items to the list after it has already been generated?
  • This is on the desktop chrome browser.
    The datalist is hooked up to a collection that gathers the records from an API.
    {name: "packsList", fit: true, spacing: 4,minHeight: 90,minWidth:110, kind: "enyo.DataGridList", components: [
    				{kind: "bumblebee.PackListItem"}
    packlistitem is:
    	name: "bumblebee.PackListItem",
    	kind: "onyx.DataListItem",
    	classes: "grid-item",
    	components: [
    		{name: "bbSerial"},
    		{name: "positions", kind: "bumblebee.listViewStandardLayout"},
    		{name: "packType", style: "height:20px;overflow:hidden;"}
    	bindings: [
    		{from: ".model.bbSerial", to: ".$.bbSerial.content"},
    		{from: ".model.positions", to: ".$.positions.positions"},
    		{from: ".model.packType", to: ".$.packType.content"}

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