Modify DataList to show controls above?

edited April 2014 in Enyo 2

I've been trying to modify the DataList to behave like enyo.AroundList, but 've been unable to make pagination work as expected.

This AroundDataList would use the following:
	containerOptions: {
		name: "scroller",
		kind: "enyo.Scroller",
		components: [{
			name: "aboveClient"
		}, {
			name: "active",
			classes: "active",
			components: [{
				name: "page1",
				classes: "page page1"
			}, {
				name: "page2",
				classes: "page page2"
			}, {
				name: "buffer",
				classes: "buffer"
		canGenerate: false,
		classes: "enyo-fit enyo-data-list-scroller"
	//* Block of components to be rendered above the list
	aboveComponents: null,
	initComponents: enyo.inherit(function(sup) {
		return function() {
			sup.apply(this, arguments);
			if (this.aboveComponents) {
				this.$.aboveClient.createComponents(this.aboveComponents, {
					owner: this.owner
But I'm not being able to modify the pages positioning properly. I tried to create a custom delegate based on vertical delegate, that applies the different sizing of the scrollable area, but I always get a screwed scrolling.

Could someone point me to the right path?


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