Windows Phone 8 (Don't laugh)

We're working on an app and a couple users actually have Windows Phone 8 devices (Nokia Lumia 928 Windows OS 8.0.10521.155). It's a very simple app but things are not working properly. So we loaded up the Sampler to check and see if it was our code or something more.

The Sampler is having similar problems. Namely not able to scroll and the grabber is not working. We tested the Nightly sampler and had the same issues. I'm sure there are others but these two pretty much make it impossible to use.

I wouldn't think much of it, but Windows Phone 8 is listed as a supported browser/OS.

I wouldn't think wrapping it in Cordova would make things, but will give it a go.

Thanks for any info/shared experiences.


  • I do recall a scrolling issue in the browser that we are still currently investigating; this issue was not present when running the packaged Sampler app (Cordova) on Windows Phone 8. I will re-verify tomorrow when I get access to a Windows Phone 8 device and let you know more definitively.
  • Sorry for the delay! Just checked on an HTC 8x running 8.0.10211.204, and the sampler runs fine both in the browser and in the packaged Cordova app. Did you get a chance to try packaging in Cordova to see if the behavior was any different?
  • I have no clue why, but both phones we tested are now working just fine regardless of cordova wrappers or not.

    We have multiple people who tested out the sampler on these same phones and it was not working. And there haven't been any OS updates so I'm at a loss. If we're able to replicate the original issues I'll post again. We should be testing the new 8.1 update soon so that'll be interesting.
  • Thanks, please keep us posted!
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