Pull down list, strange behavior on window resize and renderRow not working?


I have a pull down list that fetches lazily paginated sets of data by AJAX calls. It checks the user's drag event and in which ListItem index it happen, if it is close to the end of the list then it triggers the next AJAX call.

So at the very end of the list items I have a hidden spinner waiting to appear while the data are being fetched and when the process is over, it should hide again. I am trying to do the changes from visible to hidden through a performOnRow call.

This alone is enough to cause the spinner to appear and disappear but whenever the orientation changes or browser window resizes the spinner and its container get all disappeared for good. I try to call renderRow right after but nothing happens. Any ideas why is that?

Here is an example.


  • I'm not quite experiencing the same behavior. On a non-mobile device where I can resize the browser window (Chrome 33), the spinner does not disappear. On a mobile device (Chrome) when changing orientation, the spinner disappears, but when I try to load more by dragging down, it reappears. Is this inconsistent with what you're experiencing? If so, we can definitely investigate why the spinner disappears during an orientation change.
  • Is believe I dont experience the same behavior. Whenever I load the app and change orientation or resize the browser window, the spinner simply disappears no matter what. The content will change eventually but wont appear in any case.
    Try this; run the fiddle in the above example in a smaller browser window and then maximize that window without even dragging the list. When maximized drag the list till the end. The spinner wont appear. I tried it also on Chrom 23.
  • Odd, I tried running the fiddle in a small window, then maximizing it, and then dragging the list; the spinner showed up fine for me. Are you experiencing the issues you outlined when you try the Lazy-loading list (Flickr) sample located in the sampler under Layout/List?
  • Nope, that example works fine for me . Strange,
    I will take a look at it again when i ll get back home.
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