ondragover event properties or info?

Is there any ondragover event properties in enyo, that has data pertaining to the element being dragged over, or "drop zone"?
setData() is not implemented in enyo, so dataTransfer is always null. I simply cannot find anything in inEvent that shows me the element that is being dragged over. dragInfo is always empty and doesn't seem to be relevant to a drag area. Any help would be appreciated.


  • Noticed this problem, too (although in 2.4).

    To get dragging to display in Firefox, I needed to use this:

    {tag:"div",classes:"test",attributes:{draggable:true, ondragstart:"fooDragStart(event)"},...

    This is handling the raw DragEvent, not the one generated by Enyo.
  • edited January 2015
    Apparently in ares2 do drag and drop, but I get to use dataTransfer.setData in enyo 2.5.1
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