What are the scenario's or usecases when uiComponent is most helpful.

I am new to enyo and couldn't quite grasp the importance of uiComponent and i have a feeling this is a very important component. Crazy feeling :)

Thanks in Advance.


  • The scenario is that you would never use uiComponent directly as it is abstract, but you are using it all the time for your views as enyo.Control derives from it. I think it is responsible for the container, parent, layoutKind properties and some other rendering specific stuff.
  • @inta thanks for taking your time to reply :)
    One clarification though, so we would never directly use uiComponent objects in our app development?
  • Correct, not in your Component blocks.

    You may create a kind based on it, but I think there are rather rare usecases for it. Typically you would derive your Controls from enyo.Control.
  • Thanks a lot !!!
  • Yes, enyo.UiComponent was done to support the canvas library which allows for components that aren't based on DOM nodes, but for all other use cases, enyo.Control is the base that you should use.
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