Talk about Enyo during FISL 15

Hey Folks,

I am a Mozilla Rep doing lots of tech events here in Brazil mostly related to Firefox OS. I came to Firefox OS from webOS after the mobile platform was left in the dark by HP. Enyo has always been my favorite framework and I always talk about it during my talks and events but this is the first time that I was able to get a full Enyo session approved at a major event.

FISL (International Free Software Forum) is a major event with close to 30.000 people visiting it during its four days. I occupies more than one building. Basically every major open source project has a booth or room and is presenting stuff. I will be there with Mozilla but I will also present a session called: "Enyo JS: A Framework for Smartphones, Tablets, Desktops and SmartTVs". I don't know in which building or auditorium I will present it but I will post updates as the event draws near.

I just wanted to share that this is a very good opportunity for us to get more exposure in Brazil and Latin America. I plan to have multiple phones, tablets, laptop and maybe a SmartTV or emulator of sorts to demo it all working. I wish LG had the TVs out by then or that LG Brazil could help with a test device.

Anyone I am just happy to be a part of this community and this is one of the ways to contribute back.

Hey @unwiredben‌ can I get some stickers to give out as freebies?



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