How do I build minified enyo core from source?

edited March 2012 in Packaging Apps
The enyo 2.0b2 release came with a pre-minified enyo.js/css. I can't figure out how to produce that from the source code in the git repository. I've tried using the on source/package.js, but the output isn't the same (and doesn't work). I could just use the release version, but I'd like to keep up with the latest changes in git. How can I build this from source?


  • Are you using enyo/source/minify/
    The version in enyo/tools/minify/ is only meant to be called by helper scripts at the moment.
    Keeping the paths correct for css urls in the build is tricky, so there are some caveats that we have to work with.
  • Oh, I totally missed enyo/source/minify/ Thanks!
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