Do panels have some kind of built in width of 800px?

When using arrangerKinds (CarouselArranger) I can see the other panels when I resize the window even though I have a width of 100% for the panels. There seems to be a transition at 800px. How do I get rid of this limit?
I do not see the same behavior when using default panel.


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    Yes, see the isScreenNarrow method in Panels.js that looks for screen width < 800 -- that's used to set a enyo-panels-fit-narrow CSS class which forces min-width and max-width to 100%.

    This is a bit of a wart in the enyo.Panels design. I think we'd probably refactor this into a responsive mixin with the current Enyo structure and leave basic panel behavior unaffected by window size.
  • I commented that line out and it seems to work. Is that the only solution at this point?

    the "narrowFit: false" is not related?
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