Inputs inside of a list

I'm trying to make work inputs inside of enyo.List. It's Ok to have only one working input per time. I'm aware of Flyweight pattern used by List so I call prepareRow when item is selected however Input doesn't work as expected.
Here is the example of what I have:


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    Try adding a return true; to the end of your itemTap function and locking the row when the input blurs:

    Edit: Just noticed the input is not showing the proper state when focused with this change, will look into it.
  • Your version is much better! Thanks.
    I hope there is a way to solve state problem. One thing I noticed - it is possible to get right styling by executing these steps:
    1. Click into input.
    2. Click the same item but outside of item zone.
    3. Click into input again.
  • Looking further it seems like after row is prepared Input doesn't receive focus event. Sending it manually partially solves the problem but only for one click per a row. The behavior is inconsistent and I can't understand why.
  • I've been trying the same lately, with similar results. Would be great if there was a solution/fix.
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