Some quick general development questions for someone new to enyo

Hello, long time Palm fan (owned a pre for two years), and just started trying enyo for some development at work. I just had a few quick questions:

In the latest Bootplate, it seems the basic structure has changed from js files in a source folder to data/style/view folders, is there an article or example app that shows the general difference between these structures? Does this map 1:1 to MVC with different terminology?

Another quick one, if I'm trying to build a master/child page in enyo, with a list on the left where I select an item and the related child data is shown on the right, is there an obvious candidate control for that in enyo/onyx libraries?


  • The bootplate-moonstone repo was structured with a little more MVC, but it's just a suggestion... we've actually simplified it a bit from earlier in the 2.3 development.

    I'd look at the Sampler source for an idea of an arrangement like you want -- it uses panels to have one part that's a list of items, and the other to show the individual samples. See
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