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What is the difference between these two libraries.
It would be great help if some one could point to the docs on usage of g11n's phoneNumber functionality. I was referring to the 2.2 sampler Globalization - > Phone. But whatever number i enter, it seems to give me the same result.

Thanks In advance.


  • g11n is the original "globalization" library that was built for Enyo 1, and hasn't been updated since 2011. It was used for the HP Touchpad, but really hadn't picked up much use since then.

    ilib is a separate open source library that was developed by the same team, but with a much wider range of locale support and a better API. LG is using this for the localization of the webOS smart TV products. enyo-ilib is a packaging of a minified version of iLib along with some glue logic to make it work well for Enyo applications.

    iLib is missing some features from g11n (like phone support), but had a lot of features g11n didn't have.
  • Thanks unwiredben. You have confirmed all my assumptions :)

    Is there any plan to add the phone support to iLib? Because, to get the phone support we will have to add g11n along with iLib( if iLib is already being used for some other purpose).

    Thanks again.
  • You'll need to be in touch with the ilib development team on that one. See http://sourceforge.net/projects/i18nlib/
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