Integrated Clinician Portal (ICP) / electronic Platform for Anesthesia Learning (ePAL)

After an extended beta testing period, we went live with the above two applications yesterday.

Basically, ICP provides anesthesiologists at our hospital access to their patient lists and upcoming cases, patient histories, crisis checklists, and quick paging functions. ePAL is a system that provides clinicians with our departmental curricula as well as up to date educational articles from medical databases, and uses user feedback to improve quality of these resources.

Both are internal apps but I may be able to provide some screenshots if people are interested. Feedback has been pretty good and people are excited to use the apps (especially patient lists and paging features). Performance on iOS has been spectacular and people love the fact they can use the app on the desktop also. I'm not sure if they've tried them on LG webOS SmartTV's :)

Next steps: Phonegap and offline storage. Online / offline syncing of user actions.

Thanks to all on these forums and on the enyo team for answering questions!


p.s. @clinuz, RelationalModel would help us out a lot - and something that makes online/offline syncing easier .)


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    Screenshots...YES PLEASE!

    I've worked on a few healthcare applications, and things get so complicated so quickly I'd like to see if there are any crazy requirements that you were able to solve elegantly with the UI. I was working on an ordersets application (Sencha, not Enyo, sadly) and we had to pull together RxNorm, SnoMED and ICD XML and build a consistent ontology.
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