ie 11 ontap problem

i have problem while testing my enyo 2.2 project on IE 11 the ontap event does not work i pull in the msevents.js file from 2.3 into a 2.2 app but still doesn't work is there any file i should pull also from 2.3 to make it work.


  • On what IE11 device are you testing? I've run the 2.4.0-pre.1 sampler ( on both IE11 in Windows 7 on a desktop and IE11 on MS Surface in both desktop and modern modes. The samples all seem to work in all of those environments and I'm seeing tap events using both touch and the mouse.

    I've never tested just replacing the msevents.js file in 2.2 with the one from master; there could be other framework changes here that the fix relies on.
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