Repeaters and setCount

I recently updated a project from using Enyo 2.2 to Enyo 2.3.0-rc.3. Since then, we've had several issues with Repeaters not updating when setCount() is called with the same value as the current count. The online docs and the Repeater source both state that a call to setCount() will always call build(), regardless of whether the count actually changes.
Given that published properties are being phased out, we've been replacing calls to setCount() with set("count",,true). Is this the expected thing to do going forward, and the docs are just out of date, or is this a bug with Repeaters?


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    Thanks for catching that - we'll need to update the documentation. setCount was calling a deprecated method setPropertyValue (which triggered build() regardless of count) and this sugar was removed for 2.3.0. Our preference is that you use the setter that you've already been replacing setCount with.
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