enyo.Checkbox labels and Ares custom kinds - Ares Noobie

Hello Ares,
With the help of the Enyo forum I have been able to wrap enyo.Checkbox with enyo.Control to give it a label tag - please see: forums.enyojs.com/discussion/1932/can-enyo-checkbox-target-include-content-label#latest.

I played with Ares 0.2.9 last night to try to accomplish something similar, but I am stuck. Obviously I can hand-code those controls, but I was hoping to create a custom kind that is simply a Checkbox wrapped in a Control e.g.:
    name: "enyo.LabeledCheckbox",
    classes: "checkbox-sample",
    components: [{
	kind: "enyo.Control",
	tag: "label",
	components: [{
		kind: "enyo.Checkbox"
I'm running into 2 problems. The showstopper is that if I hand-code it into Ares the property inspector does not expose it as a 2 nested controls and so I can't set the Checkbox attributes I want via the Ares inspector.
The other issue's solution may fix the above and that is that I cannot figure out how to setup my enyo.LabeledCheckbox as a kind that will show up in the drag and drop list.
-Help much appreciated!
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