Are there any 2.3 Data-model sync with back-end & localstorage examples

I been looking for some examples showing the new data model syncing with a relational backend, and local storage when off-line. Any samples out there? What data mapping facilities does enyo have in 2.3, and what needs to be added either in javascript or on the backend?

Also, I am curious how others have handled the approach of a app that syncs with a SQL backend, or be rolled up into a phone gap app pointing at a local SQLite store instead.


  • Cole did a College Football sync sample at -- it's not two-way, but it does use Store.
  • We definetely need more examples of Enyo 2.3 features, and particularly of MVC design. Thank you unwiredben, it will be helpful.
  • Hi,

    Just want to point some issues with College Football

    First, College football is currently broken because of the source url.
    Once the week number is generated, the url becomes
    which return a 404. It can be workarounded by hardcoding a correct week number (replacing '2013/%./score..' by '2013/19/scoreb..')

    Secondly, even with the url issue workarounded, the app is not compatible with current version of enyo (the one embedded is from September 5th). With current master it crashes when instanciating a new collection within GameDay:parse
    Uncaught TypeError: Object # has no method 'getId'

    Would be great if someone could fix that second issue, as this app is currently the only exemple I've found !
  • I made a college basketball sample app based off of Cole's College Football (excuse the work-in-progress interface). It should work with the latest version of Enyo and the source url shouldn't be an issue:
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