Running an Enyo 1.0 App on Windows Phone 7 (with PhoneGap)

edited January 2012 in Enyo 1.0
I hate to be the one to break it to you, but there is no guide for Enyo 1.0 and WP7.

WP7 uses the Trident Engine from Internet Explorer. Enyo 1.0 is designed for Webkit browsers only. Not even Firefox (Gekco) will work.


Enyo 2.0 is truly cross browser compatible! At the time of this writing, only the Enyo 2.0 core exists, but you can start building now.

To work with Enyo 2.0 and WP7, you can use PhoneGap. Simply follow the instructions on this page from

Just place your entire Enyo 2.0 project in the www folder and run.

NOTE: I have not run an Enyo 2.0 app on WP7 yet, but there is no reason it should not work. Please post your experience's here.


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