project storage

[running Ares 0.2.7 under Win 7 Pro]

When I go to create a new project, I appear to be restricted to
a directory tree within a 'Home Directory' set to my
c:\users\stan directory.


1. How does one set the Home Directory to other spots ??

2. Can one add to the set of project root directories, of which 'Home Directory' is currently the sole member ??


-- stan


  • What you need is the readme in the hermes dir of ares it will fill you in on the file system . the local file system can be change by editing the ide.json file.

    yes you can set it to other spots change the "@[email protected]"

    you can also add other too in the readme it tell how to

    you can also save to your local box sync folder (on you machine) to have it up load to "and other sync services" it in the readme

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