Enyo Lazy Loading(flickr) example localhost problem

Hi Everybody,

Enyo lazy-loading flickr example doest works well on my local.

1- Enyo fills list with filtered data on left panel.(OK)
2- When I click a list item It opens an image on right panel.(OK)
3- When I slide(drag) right panel to left it works. But when I want to it drag to right back it can not drag It waits on left? And its width isnt full width(it saves width). What is the problem? I am not using footer toolbar like on enyo sampler here Is this problem? Can anybody share flickr sample on jsfiddle without footer toolbar. bootplate not contains this sample?


  • Sorry I forgot error message;

    On chrome console log. It says; "Uncaught TypeError: Object # has no method 'setObject'" on Scrim.js line 93 -- enyo.setObject(this.instanceName, this)
    What does this mean?
  • Ok. Problem solved.. It is about my package.js. Scrim.js was not loading..

    Thank you
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