step by step installation instructions for windows computers


I'd like to teach people some basics of Enyo using Ares.

Are there step-by-step installation instructions that work ??

I tried the steps listed by egfx in this post on a Windows 8 machine and a Windows XP machine. Failure, with a pile of cryptic messages in the cmd console.


-- stan krute


  • I was able to work thru my install errors. Will post some info shortly, in case it may be of use to others.

    However, the IDE throws errors on startup. I've posted a log on that at the thread linked to above.
  • The following steps works for me all the time:

    1. In your browser, go to

    2. On the left of the page you will see a list, above the higlighted "NPM Registry" is a "Download" link. Click on it and it should lead you to intallation files for different types of operating systems. In this my case Windows 8 64bit.

    3. Choose windows installer(.msi) . Click on the 64-bit and the download should start.

    4. Click on the downloaded windows installer(.msi) and follow the instructions.

    5. Click on windows start and type node and from the filter select node.js command prompt.

    6. At the command propmt window, you will be taken to c:\users\yourname.

    7. At this prompt type the following: npm -d install ares-ide.
    it may take some time with pauses and loads of lines, but when you are returned to the c:\user\yourname check above this line and there should be a line with ok.

    8. Use you file manager to locate the folder C:\Users\yourname\node_modules\.bin

    9. within the C:\Users\yourname\node_modules\.bin folder are two files with the same name ares-ide. Select the ares-ide with file type "windows command script". and send/create a shortcut to your desktop as you will need it often.

    10. Double click this short cut and some scripts will run, leave it running whenever you are using ares2.

    11. start your browser and type: You should then see ares 2 running. I just bookmark the page and name it ares2 for quick access at a later time.

    Hope this helps

  • Thanks Sandbox, that's some useful info.
  • edited December 2013
    you can also edit that windows command script to load ares and skip one step there!
    @IF EXIST "%~dp0\node.exe" (
      "%~dp0\node.exe"  "%~dp0\..\ares-ide\ide.js -b" "-b" %*
    ) ELSE (
      node  "%~dp0\..\ares-ide\ide.js" "-b" %*
    it will load ares in you defualt browser
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