interested in a general A/B testing or experimental framework

edited December 2013 in Enyo 2
I've looked around for some of these, and there don't seem to be any that meet my needs.

I'm thinking about some form of inheritance structure, maybe something along the lines of:
 name: "ABTester",
 published: {
 testId: 0
 defaultComponents: []
 testComponents: {
  1: []
  2: []
  3: []
 create: function(inSender, inEvent) {
  if(this.testId != 0) {
  } else {
Where I could then potentially declare the components from the server-side, and associate the test key with the components, and then just plop it all in?

Would this even remotely work? Is there code like this somewhere in the Enyo codebase to look at? Is there a framework or something that people have heard about that'll solve my problem?

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