MathJax rendering on Onyx Buttons and Picker's

I am trying to display Math expression on Onyx components e.g. Button's and Picker's using MathJax, Its getting displayed but also the MathML tags are also getting displayed. I have created a fiddle post about the issue I am facing.
Any help would be appreciated.



  • The content that is being shown is the interior of the script tag that's inserted by MathJax. It's being shown because of a CSS conflict -- normally, the default stylesheet of the browser has all script tags set to display:none. However, one of the rules in Onyx sets any children of a tool-decorator to display: inline-block.

    I added a local CSS rule overriding this for script tags and it rendered fine. See I'll look at this change for a future Onyx release.

  • Ben's fix for this has just been merged into the onyx/master branch.
  • Thanks Ben and Germboy.
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