ImageCarousel and ImageView troubles..


I'm trying to use an ImageCarousel and an ImageView in a small app (which is required to run on a Pre3 ;)). Actually the app is over an year old now, and I stumbled over the same problems I had last year, this year again.

First thing is that disableZoom: true leads to the issue that the image is never displayed. For the carousel I can blindly swipe through the images and at some point they will start to render. When swiping back the formerly invisible images get visible. But there is no chance for the ImageView... with the exact same code, if I set disableZoom to false, everything works fine. Issue is I would like to disable the zoom on these images... :-(
I checked, I get the same behaviour in chrome right now, too... So I probably did a mistake here. I set the imageSrc after the app is already running. But I call .render() after that. Is that not sufficient?

The other issue is with the ImageCarousel. If I set wrap: true, I can swipe past the first / last image and the display stays gray and I get a lot of exceptions in the log. I don't think that is appropriate behavior, is it?

What am I doing wrong, again? :(
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