Enyo 2.0 for Chrome Web App

Has anyone done a chrome web app using Enyo? Any guidelines or sample project? I am trying but I've have not been able to get my project to work. We cannot call javascripts in the html where to call "new App().renderInto(document.body)"? Also it seems the local storage is not supported and need to use chrome.storage

Any help is appreciated.



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    Yeah, I did a talk on this back in May. See http://slid.es/unwiredben/enyo-for-chrome-apps

    On the specific question of where to put the "new App" call .. just make a new JS file and link to that from the script tag instead of having it inline.
  • Ben,

    Thanks for the fast response! I think I figure it out for a new app using Enyo 2.0. However, I have some old apps built using Enyo 1.0 and I am getting the error of "Uncaught document.write() is not available in packaged apps." The presentation that you give me says that document.write is not available anymore. Is there a work around for this? Or would I have to migrate the apps to Enyo 2.0?
  • It's been so long since I looked at the Enyo 1 code -- I think document.write is mainly used in the loader there, so if you find a way to minify everything into one file, then it's not needed. However, we never released any tools for that with Enyo 1, since we didn't need it for using the on-device source on the TouchPad.
  • Ben,

    It seeks that I am out of luck with a couple of games for Chrome. I will see how much effort it is to move them to Enyo 2. Anyways, thanks for your feedback.
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