passing values beetween pages

I have app which have two screens.
When i move from one to another on a button click or something, I need to pass some values from the first screen to another. What is the correct method for doing this like some argument passing. I don't like to create global variables for this. Thanks in advance

Isac Joseph
Media Systems


  • If you change pages via a url change then the query string, cookie, or server side process are your options. If by changing the page you mean a single page application that renders into a section and doesn't change the url (not including # routing) then you can bind the variables to an application object that exists above the rendered views in the enyo hierarchy.

    In other words, you can publish properties in a top level enyo object, and have the button click change the DOM not the URL. The top level object would remain available regardless of what is rendered into the DOM.
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