Doubts about developing environment

I am new to enyo. I have downloaded bootplate. Within that I have index.html, debug.html. In which html file should i edit. I have app.js and app.css within build and source folders. Which app.js and app.css should I edit. Please help me. I am in confusion. Whats the use of deploy.bat in tools folder. Thanks in advance.

Isac Joseph
Media Systems


  • deploy.bat is used to run a minification script that turns your application into a set of four JS and CSS files for quicker loading from a website.
  • Edit the App.js and App.css files in the /source folder. When you test the application, point your browser to the index.html file. Once you are done and you have an application that you think is done, run the deploy.bat file. That file creates those four JS and CSS files unwiredben mentioned - in the build or the deploy directory.
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