Enyo MVC Website Template

edited November 2013 in Enyo 2

I forked the MVC project and implemented a web front end that uses a REST backend server for the database. It is far from pretty. The purpose is to provide a turnkey solution to anyone who wants to use Enyo for a website (or authenticated application) with a way to template headers, footers, pages, toolbars, etc. I provided functionality including user signup, password reset, user management, notifications, messaging and some other things I always need to build when starting a new website.

The live demo has no backend server/database, so you can only poke around the non authenticated pages. emocean.me

To set up you're own database server get the Node project. It also includes a minified version of my Enyo code. nodejs-restify-mongodb

If you want to fork the code you can get it here:enyo-mvc-web-app

I tried to provide plenty of docs in the wikis for both projects.

If you have comments, suggestions, bugs, etc. use the github project issues button


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