Getting started with enyo and webOS

I would like to develop webOS application using Enyo.
My problem is I can't find what is the right point to start understanding the webOS ecosystem.
Should I develop with Enyo just like I would develop a web app and then transition to webOS is trivial?
Are there any guidelines? Do yo know of a webOS emulator for Mac?


  • This depends a bit on what you want to do... most web apps should be easy to transition to webOS. If you want to use device specific features (like some of the hardware or system services or what ever), it probably is better to do it webOS specific from the beginning (if you don't want to go cross platform).

    There is a webOS emulator based on virtual box, which should run on Mac. Sadly the download page was removed from the old HP servers some time ago. I don't know why... the files are still there, you can find links to them here:

    You'd need to download the 3.0.5 SDK and, if you care for the phones, download the webos 2.2.4 image (and 2.1.0 for Veer), too. still is a good resource for all the documentation of the on device web services that allow you to use the device hardware and some other services like on device database.

    Then you should also look into webos-lib:
    This is a joined effort of all the enyo2 webos-libraries and gets a lot of the enyo 1.0 functionality that was removed for crossplattform in enyo 2 back again. It is VERY likely that you'll need that. Especially on the phones.

    If you are more into open webOS, I don't know if LG has something for ther TV approach... there is another emulator for the webos-ports fork of open webos here: (also Virtual Box based). This is pretty much in a rough state and heavy development, right now... a lot of stuff is not working, yet and the UI crashes a lot. I'd suggest to stay with the old emulator for the time being.
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