Ares 0.2.7 is out

Hello Ares2 users,

Our latest minor version of Ares2 is released today. Like the previous versions issued on the 0.2.x line, we have been largely focused on improving the stability & usability of the IDE. The two main elements we have focused this time are:

1. The Enyo designer:
a. Ares2 is now capable of loading more hand-written Enyo 2.3 applications without complaining & is itself based on the announced pre-release of Enyo 2.3 (pre.10).
b. The CSS editor is capable of dealing with the text color.
c. The widget palette now has a built-in text-based filter.
d. All of the Enyo/Onyx 2.3 great widgets now show-up in the Ares2 palette.
... plus a truckload of bug-fixes!

2. The PhoneGap Build integration: In addition to bug-fixes:
a. Ares2 now supports the latest PhoneGap version (3.x) and options as made available by the PhoneGap/Nitobi crew.
b. Ares2 no longer wait for the build to be complete to return control to you (Ares2 download packages in the background). Downloaded packages can be installed on the developer's devices from a QR code available from within Ares.
c. It is now possible to select an AppId from a list of existing ones without knowing the AppId number (knowing names is enough).
d. It is now possible to build apps that consists into thousands of files (provided the total size does not exceed 15MB, which is the Adobe limit).
e. It is possible to cancel a running PhoneGap build (no need to wait until it fails...)

On the dirty side of things (code), Ares2 is also globally using the Node.js so-called "streams2" interface for a lower CPU & memory footprints & an increased scalability. As a result, we are definitely relying on Node.js 0.10 & later & no longer plan to support Node.js 0.8.x.

As usual, upgrade your Ares 2 using:
npm update ares-ide

...or install it using:
npm install ares-ide

Top-level details are available from ares-ide or GitHub.


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