Issue with 'ontap' in IE 10 Edge mode

I don't think this is specific to Enyo 2.3, but I'll post here since that's where it could be fixed (and the problem still exists in 2.3). None of my ontap events are firing when I click or tap buttons, etc. I'm using Windows 8.1, Internet Explorer 10. The interesting thing is that the problem goes away when I go to developer tools and change the document mode (in the Emulation tab) to 10 instead of Edge.

Just for a sanity check I tested this on and the problem is the same until I switch from Edge mode.


  • Windows 8.1 has IE 11, not IE 10. I don't know of a way to use IE10 in Win 8.1.

    Enyo 2.2 not working with IE11 is a known problem, a result of Microsoft replacing their MSPointerEvents with PointerEvents, but leaving some old ms-prefixed properties around. There are fixes for that in the current 2.3 branch, though.

    Try and see if that works for you. It works for me on my Surface RT with 8.1.
  • Ah yeah sorry Ben, I meant to say IE 11. Yeah that latest sampler site is working.

    I guess I'm not on the 2.3 branch where it's fixed? How can I get it? Below is a readout of git submodule
    git submodule
    +1a281f0ecf628bf00bff119c0a9981248bfc6583 enyo (2.3.0-pre.10)
    +8ff2c827157ffe881a1882aeadd5584e09393a4b lib/layout (2.3.0-pre.10)
    +26ee7708647334868cc51a2f20917aaaa7e45bfc lib/onyx (2.3.0-pre.10)
  • You should update to 2.3.0-pre.12 which was tagged yesterday.
  • Thanks a bunch, it's working in IE 11 now.
  • there's a fix I'm working on now to restore IE10 compat too, will be in master shortly
  • Where these fixes back ported to Enyo 2.2?
  • no, we have no plans for a 2.2.1 release with 2.3.0 coming out very soon. However, it should be pretty easy to just pull in the msevents.js file from 2.3 into a 2.2 app.
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