It's coming a flyweight Repeater and list for data stuff?

edited November 2013 in Enyo 2.4
Just wondering...


  • You mean enyo.DataRepeater and enyo.DataList? Those are already in the framework.
  • Yeah, I know about DataRepeater and DataList, but they don't use a flyweight strategy. I'm ok with that, just wanted to know if using a flyweight pattern isn't necessary anymore.
  • DataList was using a kind of flyweight, but it's a bit harder to do with data bound controls, since the binding needs to be to its own control instance. However, we've managed to get the scrolling speed of DataList up to par and it's still only generating a couple of pages of controls, as opposed to a repeater where every one in the list would be generated.
  • Perfect, then. Thanks, Ben
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